Ball Machine | IDS Studio

At IDS studio we created this infinitely looping, tile-able pinball animation for a video signage company BlowUP media so it could fit on any of their screens. It's really cool to see an animation displayed on a big, public screen like this!!

Project Details

Client: BlowUP Media
Studio: IDS
Art direction: Rutger van de Wiel
Concept: Jade van der Zalm and Timo Meijs
Design: Ramona Treffers
Animation: Timo Meijs

Initial Sketches & Style Ideas

I originally made these concepts and sketches as we were figuring out how we wanted to approach this project.

Final Design

Sketch by Jade van der Zalm, with some additions from me:

Final design by Ramona Treffers:


The animation was displayed at over 20 different screen sizes in major cities across the Netherlands

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