BioSymphony is an ode to the beauty of nature. A minimalistic animation highlighting examples of symbiosis to celebrate the clockwork of Creation.

Project Details

Created by Timo Meijs

Music and SFX: Nick van Drunen (Instagiouz Media)

An ode to the beauty of Creation

The intricate design of the world around us and the the way everything works together in balance truly fascinates and inspires me. This animation seeks to highlight some examples of symbiosis (interaction between species) in a minimalistic style. I consider this animation an expression of my faith, because learning about nature is one of the ways I clearly see God’s hand at work in the world around us. Such a beautiful and intricate design is a true testament to His creativity and power.


I chose to use a limited color palette for each scene and followed simple design rules for a consistent look throughout the project.


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