Fibonacci Sequence

Nearing the final stages of my Communication & Multimedia Design course, I got the opportunity to spend a full term almost completely on a self-initiated project, meant to delve deeper into the field I wanted to specialize in. I grabbed my chance to challenge myself with a complete motion design project during school hours.

Project Details

School project
Directed, produced, designed and animated by Timo Meijs
Synth Wind - Geographer
Lurking - Silent Partner
Hookah Bar - Silent Partner
Jazz Mango - Joey Pecoraro
In Pursuit of Silence - Daniel Birch
Postcards - Scott Holmes
Period: 2020

Images sourced from, and Wikimedia Commons

About this project

What fascinates me about motion design is it’s power to take complicated information and communicate it clearly to the masses in a very short period of time. Inspired by channels like Vox and Kurzgesagt, I wanted to learn how to approach a project like this, all the way from ideation to the final product. To be able to fit all of that into a single term (about 8 weeks), I chose a relatively simple, nonetheless fascinating topic I wanted the world to know more about; the Fibonacci Sequence.

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