Graduation project promo

As our graduation project was coming up, Niels (my graduation partner at that point) and I decided to create a short promo animation to let the world know what we were good at and what we were looking for. And it was effective! One of the first companies we spoke to was very enthusiastic about us and our video, and wanted to work together with us during our grad project. We also used this as an opportunity to test what it was like to work together on a project like this, and to try something we hadn’t done before: we briefed a friend of mine, Nick van Drunen, to create a custom soundtrack. It was a challenge to get it done in a short amount of time, but it was a lot of fun and we like the result!

Project Details

Animation and design: Timo Meijs & Niels Toebast
Custom soundtrack: Nick van Drunen (Instagiouz Media)

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