Missing Pages - A Memory for Every Foster Child

I graduated cum laude with this personal project about foster care. Part of the project was this animation that takes the viewer on a journey through an emotional story of a foster child in pursuit of his past.

Project Details

Director: Timo Meijs
Producer: Timo Meijs
Story/concept: Timo Meijs
Design: Timo Meijs
Music: Nick van Drunen (Instagiouz Media)

A memory for every foster child

This was part of a bigger, 5-month project during which I took a deep dive into my own story, talked to people from the past, and tried to find a solution to a problem many foster children are facing: a vague, fragmented past. I came up with a concept that will make it easy for foster parents and caretakers to record memories for foster children. Memories they will be able to take with them wherever they go.

Do you want to know more about this project? Or do you have any ideas on how to make it a reality? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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