Missing Pages - A memory For Every Foster Child

I graduated cum laude with this personal project about foster care. Part of the project was this animation that takes the viewer on a journey through an emotional story of a foster child in pursuit of his past.
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Project Details

Created by Timo Meijs
Music: Nick van Drunen (Instagiouz Media)

A memory for every foster child

This was part of a bigger, 5-month project during which I took a deep dive into my own story, talked to people from the past, and tried to find a solution to a problem many foster children are facing: a vague, fragmented past. I came up with a concept that will make it easy for foster parents and caretakers to record memories for foster children. Memories they will be able to take with them wherever they go.

Do you want to know more about this project? Or do you have any ideas on how to make it a reality? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Other Projects

Photo of Timo Meijs, founder of Flying Colors

Hi, my name is Timo.

Everyone has a story to tell. But a story means nothing if it isn’t understood. That’s why we need storytellers.
Storytellers who can get to the core of your message. Who can give it wings to fly and colors to stand out, so your story can reach the world.

I create my best work surrounded by like-minded experts. My broad background helps me connect to people from all areas of expertise, to make your story fly.

I believe in the power of animation to make difficult things understandable, to tell stories that the world needs to hear, and to make information accessible to all.

Let’s set what matters in motion.

In 2017, I started my Bachelor of Communication & Multimedia Design at Avans University of Applied Sciences. I enjoyed the broad, multidisciplinary nature of this course, but soon discovered my passion for motion design. I fell in love with its ability to tell stories and touch people's hearts.

After diving into the basics of motion design and starting my internship at video production and animation studio Ingredient Media, I decided to start Flying Colors. It was amazing to make money by doing what I loved, and I learned a lot over the few years that followed.

After graduating cum laude with my bachelor in 2021, I knew I wanted to go deeper before fully entering the workforce. I was selected for the Master of Animation at St. Joost School of Art & Design, which I finished in 2022 with my graduation film BioSymphony.
I was offered a job at IDS Animation Studio in Tilburg, where I work closely with the Creative Director as a motion designer and all-around creative strategist.

What is Flying Colors?
Taking the things I love to do and using them to tell your story. That’s what Flying Colors was founded for. The name is based on the idiom “to pass with flying colors”. And that’s exactly what I aim to do. I am not satisfied with a “good enough”. I will work hard until I pass your expectations with flying colors.
The idiom finds its origin in the days when ships would return home with their “colors” (another word for flag) flying to show they had been victorious. These flags were the first thing the people on the shore would see. Just like those flags, motion design can help you to make your first impression unforgettable. It is a powerful tool to show the world what you have to offer!